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General Information

       • You can register for a training course via online registration system only.
     • You can register a maximum of three courses per one invoice.
     • You fill and check your information carefully to be accurate while making the recruitment and registration processes for in order to be issuing the receipt correctly.
  Important Notices  
       1. Please, make sure that you fill in your information correctly for the correct issue of your receipt. If there are any changes after you successfully submitted your application online, we reserve the right not to issue any new receipt. Please, check your information carefully before online submission.  
       2. Please, pay the registration fee within the specific time requirement. Otherwise, we reserve the right to reject your application from the system.  
       3. Please, bring your ID card or other personal proofs to confirm your identity on the training days.  
       4. In the event of BLPD postponing or cancelling a course, you will be informed before the start date of the course.
     Department of Science Service will refund only registration fee. We reserve the right to decline any other payment.

Payment Terms

  For Thais
     1. Pay via a KTB Counter Service all branches.
         (A service charge is 15 Baht per one transaction.)
     2. Pay via Counter Service of Financial Division, Department of Science Service located on 1st Floor,
         Tua Lapanukrom building during within the office hours.

For Foreigners
            Branch : Si Ayutthaya Road
            Types of bank account : Current Account
            Account name : DEPARTMENT OF SCIENCE SERVICE
            Account Number : 013-6-11368-0
            Note : The customer shall be held responsible for any transfer fees.
  The training registration will be completed after the payment has been done.
Please send a proof of payment by Fax. Number +66 2201-7461 to Department of Science Service.
A receipt will be issued within 10-15 working days after receiving the payment.

Training cancellation

       Training Cancellation Policy

     In order to cancel a registration, please inform in writing to the Bureau of Laboratory Personnel Development (BLPD). The cancellation is subject to the following terms:
          • The cancellation request must be received to BLPD 14 days prior to the start date of the training activity will incur.

          • One substitute is permitted per registrant for the entire course; daily substitutions are not permitted.

For more information

       1. If you have any questions about the payment, Please contact the Finance section.
         Tel. +66 2201-7086
     2. If you have problems about the training,
         Please contact the Bureau of Laboratory Personnel Development .
         Tel. +66 2201-7449, +66 2201-7435 Fax. +66 2201-7461 Email : [email protected]
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